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3 March, 2008 I'm Alive!

4 years since I last updated this main site? Where did it all go? I am currently learning PHP and MySQL, so hope to overhaul this site in the coming months, making it something I can be proud of, and most importantly, making it dynamic and interactive.

The City of Heroes Supergroup I mentioned in my previous new items was a lot of fun, but actually closed it's doors a couple of years back. I left the site intact, although the forum is disabled, but the group has disbanded. MMO groups, or guilds as they are commonly called, often disband as folks move on to other, newer games, and the main drive/focus for the guild goes with it's leadership. Since I last updated the site, so much has happened... World of Warcraft wasn't even released back then... but I played that for a long time, before moving on again. Currently, I'm playing Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) and am having a great time of it.

I have made a small update to the site, finally adding a few sheep games to the sheep section. Take a look, as they are lots of fun to play. Sheepish is quite evil when you get a couple of levels in. Lamb Chop Drop is the latest sheep game and is a refreshingly different game.

21 April, 2004 City of Heroes Supergroup Announcement

I haven't been good about updating this site for a while now, but since I recently received a new MMO, City of Heroes, as a birthday gift from Chandley and Drubar, I felt the need to create a fan site. As a long time fan of Judge Dredd, I thought I would create a superhero based on him... this idea then exploded into creating a supergroup (club/guild) within the game where every member is a judge. I contacted Rebellion in the UK and got permission to go ahead with my group, so as of right now, I have the exclusive rights to use this within the game. Cool huh?

Anyway, enough prattling, on with the show... take a look at The Justice Department.

5 December, 2003 Gradually Building Content

Added the Sheepwars page to the Sheep section today and included Episode II as well as the old trilogy and Episode I that was previously displayed on my old site. Take a look if you are in need of a few chuckles today.

Alternatively, you can get your chuckles by taking a look at the Sheep Jokes that I also added today.

2 December, 2003 Christmas is Coming...

Christmas is almost upon us and so I decided to finally upload something. I've now been working on this site, on and off (mostly off), for almost a year. As I get feedback on the site I will hopefully change things around a great deal and gradually fill the site up with info and such.

I now have a nice new Canon Powershot A70 digital camera so I will be taking a whole bunch of photos soon and probably posting some of them here. I've not decided how I want to display photos yet, but I'll find a way.

I also plan to add a couple of other sections to the site. These might include:

  • Forum - I really want to have this news page post to a forum or journal and then allow for visitors to add comments on the news. This might take me some time to figure out, but unless I can do it, I probably won't add a forum.
  • Games - I would like to add a section with info on whatever game I'm particularly involved with at the time. Right at the moment, I'd like to have a few pages about Dungeon Siege and the new expansion pack, Legends of Aranna. This would include a walkthrough, faq, details of where to find those Set items, etc.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing your feedback. Please drop me a note on the contact page.

16 June, 2003 Time Flies By

I have been working on this site on and off for a good 6 months now. I am quite amazed that it has actually been four months since I last looked at it! Today I added the downloads section with the Nodwick wallpapers (3) and the Nodwick avatars (15) that I have created so far.

I still need to build in the sheep stuff and think about other links I want for the site but I'm edging closer to launching the site.

I am eager to get something posted or at least get someone to look over this design but for now it is still a secret. Of course, if you are reading this then I've already told you about the site and it's no longer a secret. Oh well.

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